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GIGA QUAD® Line up
Corrosion environmental testing unit YRB200-010
High temperature environmental testing unit(Halogen Lamp)
Technical information


Dual-spindle rotating bending fatigue testing machine

Model : YRB200
GIGA QUAD series YRB200


High Efficiency
GIGA QUAD® is convenient to get a number of fatigue test data very quickly, because four specimens can be tested simultaneously.
In order to obtain one S-N curve, four specimens can be tested at different stress levels by giving different weights for the respective specimens. Thus, S-N property of a definite material can be obtained within the reasonable short period.
From this point of view, the present machine of GIGA QUAD® has a significant performance of the high efficiency.

eX) Time needed for Giga-Cycle fatigue test data collection for Metal M. highefficiency

Chart Comparison of Single and Dual-Spindle Testing Period highefficiency
Easy operation
In this testing machine, collet nuts and collet chucks are used to fix and remove the specimens.
When the user wants to fix a specimen, the specimen is inserted into the collet chuck as indicated in this figure, and he tightens the collet nut by using a spanner.
And when he wants to remove the specimen, he loosens the collet nut by the spanner, and pull out it by fingers.

About the collet chucks, different inner diameters such as 6mm, 8mm and 10mm are prepared in advance.
Thus, the user can choose the most convenient size of the collet chuck depending on their own requirements.
How to fix , How to remove
Small eccentricity
The advantage is to use high performance collet chuck and nut. Thus, small eccentricity of the specimen after chucking was realized.
Such a small eccentricity is fundamentally important to perform the fatigue tests in rotating bending.
If the eccentricity becomes large, problems of vibration and noise take place in the fatigue tests and, therefore, some extent of error is included in the applied stress.
According to preliminary experiments, no effect of the eccentricity was found for fatigue test data to obtain the S-N property, if the eccentricity is kept within ±30μm.
This is the reason why eccentricity is focused as an important subject as a ROTATING BENDING FATIGUE TESTING MACHINE.
From this point of view, the eccentricity was kept within ±30μm.
One handed type
Plating, heat treatment, thermal spray, shot peening, laser, coating….
GIGA QUAD® is suitable for any kind of research and studies for metal fatigue characteristics with surface modification.
Because the effective volume of the specimen in the cantilever bending(One-handed type) is much smaller than that in the uniform bending(both-handed type).
This means that it is small percentage that the specimen is broken by material inner defect in the case of one-handed type.
Variety of options
GIGA QUAD® has variety of options, the speed adjusting unit, the adapter, adjust boad of long type, and the like.
Specification (for Japan)

YRB200 : the type of underneath motor
Spindle  spindle number    2
spindle speed  rpm 1000~5000
motor  kW 0.2kW-4P
Capacitance   V 200
Bearing  spindle   Angular contact ball bearing
specimen   Deep groove ball bearing
Collet chuck chuck size mm φ0.5~13
Maximum load   kg 20X4
Maximum bending moment 7938 (in case of our specimen)
Belt type     V belt M
Size of device  weight kg about 140
size  mm 520X500X1050
Adjust boad of standard type     2(for 50mm)
Service life   year 5
Guaranteed term   year 1

※ It is possible to change the specification for the other country.

※ Product specifications and appearance may be changed for the improvement. We appriciate your understanding.
Name Quantity Outline
Adapter 4     weight holding part from φ5~13mm
Protection cover 1     when the cover is opened, the
    spindles will stop automatically
Weight 1     variety pack ※0.1kg~
Corrosive environmental unit 1     in case of desire for doing test under
    an adverse corrosive condition
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